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Industry Statistics

The following excerpt is taken from ComPeer’s quarterly update of the UK Wealth Management Industry report 

Quarterly Update: Quarter 3 2016

It has been an eventful year in 2016 so far, though the data is holding up quite well.

Brexit and Trump had previously been seen as almost impossible outcomes, yet both happened.

Despite this, asset values increased by 6.7%, dragging revenues up with them, but only by 1.7%.  Asset and revenue increases versus the same quarter last year were more aligned, each moving up by over 11%, slightly behind the 14.5% move in the WMA Private Investor Balanced Index.

On another positive note, Execution Only Stockbrokers maintained consistent cost levels quarter on quarter, whilst Wealth Managers reduced costs, cutting back staff.  Both firm types therefore reported improvements in pre-tax profit margins.

Initial indications are also positive for Q3, with trade volumes staying strong in July and August.

Once again the Wealth Management industry displays its resilience against multiple challenges.

Key Statistics1

Current Quarter Previous Quarter % Change Same Quarter in Previous Years % Change
Investment Assets (£billion) 814 762 6.7% 727 11.9%
Client Trades* (000s) 7,010 6,921 1.3% 6,184 13.4%
Retail Market Bargains (000s) 3,509 3,425 2.4% 2,799 25.4%
Total Revenues (£million) 1,536 1,510 1.7% 1,380 11.3%
FTSE/WMA Balanced Index 3,915 3,721 5.2% 3,421 14.5%

* participating firms only 

1. Investment Assets and Revenue are for the total market, based on extrapolated quarterly survey participant data.  Participants account for over 58% of total market assets and 63% of total market revenue. Client trades represent participating firms only.  Retail market bargains are for UK Retail Stockbrokers.

With thanks to ComPeer limited: