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This search facility is designed to help you find a broker or wealth manager who can meet your needs in a fast, accurate and easy to use way. The information on each firm is updated regularly with details, contact names, addresses and the kind of services each member offers, as well as providing links to their websites.

You can search for a broker or wealth manager in a number of ways:

  • use the search box to find entries containing specific text (for example the name of a particular firm) Or 
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Please enter as much information as you can to ensure an accurate match.
Once you have made your selection, click on the 'Search' button for your shortlist. You can then read about firms' services or use the links to go straight to their websites.

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Associate members

WMA's associate members are those firms and organisations which, although they do not deal directly for the private investor, share the aims of the WMA community. Associate members include stock exchanges, clearing and settlement houses, information services providers, software houses etc who provide professional services to our members.

View a full list of our associate members and their services here.